We provide all ranges of cleanroom mechanical parts and equipment

Our Produts

The material choice is usually dependent on the classification of your new or current facility and what you are trying to achieve for your product. We can offer a complete range of material types and ensure they will meet compliance regulation.

Roller Doors

• Single doors/ roller doors
• Airtight, easy to clean, corrosion resistant
• Wide range of sizes

Cleanroom Panel

• Sandwiched Galvannealed steel panels
• Non-corrosive, anti-static
• non-combustible, impact resistant


• Fluorescent lamps
• Energy efficiency, low maintenance ad long-life span
• Fixtures with high levels of UV, reduce bacteria and other contaminations

HEPA filter

• Terminal filtration for laminar or turbulent flow
• Protect sensitive advanced manufacturing process
• Eliminate infectious airborne contaminants in the cleanroom


• Excellent resistance to chemicals and bio- decontamination procedure
• Heavy traffic resistance: forklifts
• Certified Class A(GMP) for use in cleanroom

Pipe Installation

• Air compressor pipeline
• Chiller system pipeline
• Purified water system pipeline

Our Working experience




Grade C- Grade D


pharmaceutical production facility


iso8 cleanroom facility

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